What is Mahanaim?

These times of worship and encounter have been held in response to a call from God. They are a meeting of heaven and earth. See Genesis 32:1-2 & Song of Songs 6:12-13.

He has told us, Mahanaim is mine and I will do amazing things. He is a faithful God and He does!

Next Gathering

The last gathering was on 6th, 7th and 8th January when we were privileged to welcome Isabel Allum as our Guest speaker. It was a powerful time and God was faithful in His promise to do amazing things.

However powerful these events may be, we are clear that we must only hold them at the Lord’s bidding. We have yet to hear from Him about when to hold another gathering but will give the dates here as soon as we know.  We will also email those on our Mahanaim mailing list (see panel on the right if you wish to be added to this list).

In the meantime, the comments below are given to encourage you. They are are just a few of those that we received in the days immediately after the last gathering.


As I walked to work the day after Isabel’s talk … … I simply KNEW that I was “oozing LIFE”. It was palpable. I’ve never experienced anything like it before…


I’m sure you’re well aware of the significance this has had for those attending, and will no doubt spread out from the teachings too.  We could only make last night, but we’re so blessed and look forward to listening to the other sessions. .


Gosh, I so want to thank you for hosting this spectacular event. God bless you all so much. I would love to visit your church one Sunday – I loved the fellowship and your hearts. A huge Thank You for hosting Isabel Allum this week.

Request for Testimonies

God has been awesome at each of our gatherings and many people have been irreversibly changed by deep personal encounters.  If you are one of those and would like to add a testimony to encourage others, then please let us know.

Previous Gatherings

Monday Afternoon – “A New Creation”, by Thelma Sparks
Monday Afternoon – “In the Spirit, there is…”, by Thelma Sparks
Monday Evening – Prayer for Australia, by Isabel Allum
Monday Evening – “Living the Now”, by Isabel Allum
Monday Evening – Prayer of impartation, by Isabel Allum
Tuesday Afternoon – “Not of this world”, by Isabel Allum
Tuesday Evening – “The Great Commission”, by Isabel Allum
Tuesday Evening – Prayer of impartation, by Isabel Allum
Wednesday Afternoon – “Enlargement and Expansion”, by Isabel Allum
Wednesday Afternoon – Prayer of impartation, by Isabel Allum
Wednesday Evening- “Acceleration of the Kingdom”, by Isabel Allum
Wednesday Evening- Prayer of impartation, by Isabel Allum
Saturday Afternoon: “Encouraging and Equipping”, by Sharon Oliver
Saturday Afternoon: “The Harvest is Plentiful”, by Bruce Oliver
Saturday Evening: “It’s all about Jesus”, by Sharon Oliver
Sunday Morning: “Crossing Over”, by Bruce Oliver
Sunday Afternoon: “Following The Spirit”, by Bruce Oliver
First part of talk only – excludes practical demonstration as this contains personal details
Saturday Afternoon: “Overflow”, by Rachel Hickson
Sunday Morning: “Overflow – Part 2”, by Rachel Hickson
Sunday Afternoon: “Overflow – Part 3”, by Rachel Hickson, Gordon Hickson & Helen Azer
Saturday Afternoon: “Further forward”, by Thelma Sparks
Sunday Morning: “Heavenly Citizens”, by Karen Charles
Sunday Afternoon: “Forerunner Ministry” by Neal Sparks
Saturday Afternoon: “Laying hold of who you are”, by Nadya Dyett
Saturday Evening: “Living in two camps”, by Paul Hopkins
Sunday Morning: “Strength in weakness”, by Paul Hopkins
Sunday Afternoon: “Colossians 2”, by Paul Hopkins
Saturday Afternoon: “The Bride”, by Thelma Sparks
Saturday Evening: “Nation Changers”, by Paul Hopkins
Sunday Morning: “Fear of Death”, by Steve Cardell
Sunday Afternoon: “Lifting the Veil”, by Paul Hopkins

Saturday Afternoon: “Golden Vessels”, by Thelma Sparks
Saturday Evening: “Wisdom to See”, by Paul Hopkins
Sunday Morning: “Prophecies fulfilled”, by Steve Cardell

“I felt I was embraced by God’s love so much… He’s got a better plan for me.”

“When I was crying, he gave me comfort and words… the first time I’ve really had a conversation with God, personally. It was really amazing encountering God last night.”

“It was literally being in the presence of God… and there was something in the worship that was breaking new ground”

“I was in the presence of God. I felt I was in deep water and God was saying ‘I’m going to hold you up’.”

“He was talking to me about a new season coming, how we don’t take the leaves of the autumn through to the spring and summer. He was helping me transition and breaking things off. The presence of God was so strong. Great! Wonderful!”

“I was in the middle of a battle yesterday… a sister here prayed for me and opened my eyes for the things I couldn’t see. I felt Jesus was rescuing me from this battle. I felt Jesus pick me up and say ‘be free – you’re free again’, so I just want to glorify Jesus and say thank you for this conference.”

“Thank you so much for the prayer I received during our time together. I have not only been miraculously healed by our Father but I believe this is my second chance to start fresh and begin a new journey with God in my life. I have overcome self-consciousness, depression and anxiety. I am able to see and hear God for the first time in a long time and I can feel his presence once again. I feel like a completely new person and it’s definitely the start of something new for me. I haven’t had a headache since the weekend which I usually get every day. I prayed out loud for others, which is something self-consciousness stopped me from doing. Similarly, I stood up during our time of worship to fully engage with Jesus and I tore out and shredded all my negative journal entries. Once again, thank you for those who prayed for me and stood with me through those dark times. I am over the moon with what God is doing/has done for me recently and I’m very excited to see what’s in store for me in the future. Bless you all. ❤” Eleanor R

“Thank you for the weekend! Such an awesome time, I’m so impacted by Thelma and Karen’s word. Feel so blessed to be a part of this company of laid down lovers of Jesus! Xxxxx” Connie R

“THANK YOU to the team for hosting God-space, and for all being so consistently kind and caring and able to leave room for room-wide encounter with God xxx” Katy C

“The weekend was highly uncomfortable, highly glorious and highly life changing. :-)” Jemma E

“Thank you for everything that you’ve done to make this weekend… such a blessing. I was sorry to leave before the end but my friend had to go. She is SO grateful I invited her! I’m so pleased for her. She’s been deeply, deeply blessed…. The Lord has shown me that today is the first day of my breakthrough. I’ve been waiting for this breakthrough FOR YEARS. I had to have the healing that He gave me over this weekend before He could start the breakthrough, but it’s starting now. I think maybe big things have been accomplished in quiet hidden ways this weekend. That’s certainly the case for me anyway… God bless xxx” Pat W

“For 5 weeks before the meeting I had had serious problems with my womb (constant loss of blood). Many people from different churches had laid hands on me but it hadn’t stopped. During the first session with Paul Hopkins, when he asked for the Holy Spirit, I felt fire in my body. When I flew home the next day, the bleeding completely stopped!! Praise JESUS!! I was called by the Holy Spirit to come to this event (not by people) and the Holy Spirit welcomed me. For me, it was very important to know that it was the Holy Spirit calling me and not the people. After every visit, I keep your country deeper in my heart. Jesus loves the UK :)” Visitor, name withheld on request

“When you were talking about hugs earlier, I had a flashback to when I was a little girl and when my daddy came home from work how I used to go running and leap into his arms and have a hug. He died when I was 12 and I remember not long before he died that he came home from work and I ran into his arms and he said, “Jane, I don’t think you’re going to be able to do this for much longer because my back won’t take it”. But God just brought that to mind today and said, “but you can ALWAYS still jump into my arms, and I will cope, my back is strong enough for you. It doesn’t matter how old you are, I still delight in that hug.” That was quite healing.” Jane H

“The last gathering was AMAZING – loved it!!! 🙂 ” Dan C

“This was the second Mahanaim conference my wife and I have attended and it was the same tremendous experience as first time – a supercharged, highly potent mixture of encounter and worship bringing in a wonderful overwhelming presence of God’s love, combined with terrific speakers who went far beyond what would normally be regarded as teaching, to encourage listeners to open their spirits to a greater expectation of the power of God’s love transforming lives and our traditional concepts of what church is like and what it means to live the Christian life. I cannot recommend these conferences more highly for anyone who is hungry for more of God and the power of his love to change lives and destinies.” Leigh C