God is alive today!

These testimonies give witness that God is alive today, hears our prayers and wants to bless us, His children.

Pressing Forward

I was at a very low point when I joined The Ark Community Church but the atmosphere, the people and the presence of God have transformed me week on week.  I am now full of hope, energy and creativity – pressing forward into new things.

Jenny S 25th April 2016

Challenging Journey

The first time we walked into the Ark I was immediately conscious of the Holy Spirit’s presence.  The worship was truly anointed, however I was definitely out of my comfort zone.  Father clearly said “this is my place for you”, which He confirmed as I continued to attend.

Carol H 25th April 2016

Heavily Burdened

I came [to Mahanaim] desperate to encounter God, heavily burdened about people and situations – desperate for breakthrough.  I thought I would sob it all out at His feet, but what actually happened was God’s manifest presence meant I laughed pretty much non-stop through the whole thing.  This has never happened to me before but I was laughing with such relief because I realised all my worries were so tiny, I pretty much heard an audible voice with such joy saying ‘I know everything you are worried about and I am not worried!’.

Rachel W 25th April 2016

Spiritual Awakening

The unseen realm has become much more real and I feel MUCH closer to the Holy Spirit.  The conference was a personal invitation of the Holy Spirit… for me.  It was one of the biggest highlights of the year.  The Holy Spirit taught me how to work with the gifts which were activated.  I got an idea about who I am, and what I am created for.


Visitor, name withheld on request. 26th April 2016

Father’s Love

As someone who had never been to the Ark Church or heard of it before, the Mahanaim event last September far exceeded any expectations that I had:  it was a tremendous personal encounter with Father’s love.

The worship was outstanding and I found myself in tears a number of times as God’s love filled me.  The teaching was phenomenal and after the conference, I had to sit down and listen to the downloaded recordings 3-4 times to allow it to really filter into me.


Leigh C 26th April 2016


2 years ago I was bullied by another girl in my school for about a year and a half.  She called me names, hit me and spread rumours about me on a daily basis.

People always say that you should tell somebody when you’re being bullied, but that’s a lot harder when you’re in that position because I didn’t know who I could talk to that would understand.  At the time I even believed that God just wouldn’t get it.  I didn’t tell my parents, my family or even my friends.


Eleanor R 26th April 2016