So this is what it is like out the back just now;
The clay soil is absolutely saturated
and up here on our high plateau
there is little opportunity for the water to run away.
Even the new crop is struggling to breathe
and all the footpaths are claggy and slithery,
making walking heavy going.
More water than the land can absorb,
and not enough drainage.
Yet, water is good, is vital to life……
but like all the natural elements, too much can be bad.
There has to be a good balance.
And it is the same with us;
there has to be a balance between receiving and giving.
Too much receiving without passing on the blessing
can leave us heavy and waterlogged.
Oh, it can feel good for a while,
but we were meant to give it away!
That is one of the difficulties of this season.
We perhaps have more time to pray and read the Word,
filling up our cisterns with faith and joy.
We perhaps have even more input online from our church
than we have had in “normal” times.
We perhaps have had the opportunity to engage with teaching
from wider sources, broadening our perspectives.
We perhaps are seriously loaded with blessing,
so stuffed that we cannot move, our flow of joy frustrated
because our usual channels are blocked.
Time for some drainage work!!
Time to be inventive, drastic even, in our giving away.
Back in the Spring, it seemed exciting
to explore new ways of reaching out.
Now, in the drab end of the year, it has worn a little thin.
Yet, if we don’t keep pressing on we will easily become heavy.
So, let’s go for it, somehow countering the short days,
the gloomy news, the restrictions,
the world’s miserable preoccupation with what it can’t do…..
countering it with small actions of Hope and Light,
of serving and surprising,
of remembering and loving.
It is needed now, more than ever;
that phone call, that e-mail, that card in the post,
that gift on the doorstep,
even that act of grace within our own families……
passing on the blessing.
It blesses thrice:
It blesses our neighbour.
It blesses God.
It blesses us…..because our channels are flowing again.
“Freely you have received, so freely give.”
We give freely, lightly,
so that the soil may be healthy,
so that the crop may thrive,
so that the Father’s Heart may be full.
And the more we give,
the more that is poured into our hearts to give away.
God’s Economy is awesome
and His Rain IS Life that needs to flow!

Copyright of all images and text belongs to Claire Gardner

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