So, I took the photo of the little yellow leaf and began to walk on.
There was a small breeze
and something made me look back;
the leaf had been tipped up
and was now like golden stained glass,
no longer just being shone upon,
but being shone through.,
transformed with borrowed glory.
And so it is with us.
True worship transforms us.
It is not, should never be, the reason why we worship;
we worship God because He is God and worthy of our adoration.
However, our worship is an exchange,
because that is how God works.
We fall face down at His Feet,
and He sends His Breath to raise our faces to meet His,
His Radiance falling upon our countenance
and leaving there the whisper of His Light
that glows upon us and through us, as spirit meets Spirit.
We may be, like this leaf, totally unaware of the transformation
and maybe that’s how it should be!
True Divine Encounter always brings change.
(We become like that which we worship….it is a spiritual law,
which is why we have to be careful where we set our hearts!)
But with God, we are safe, we are Loved,
we are raised beyond ourselves, and shone through,
because we give ourselves, warts and all, into His Grace.
Look at this leaf…
It is not perfect;
its shape isn’t symmetrical and it is blemished…..
but that does not stop the breeze catching it
and the light redeeming it into beauty.
It is our attitude before God that determines our radiance,
not any virtue of our own, or lack of it;
we cannot attain it ourselves.
Ours is the worship and the praise,
the lack of resistance to His Breath,
the willingness to be a translucent vessel.
His is the raising up, even as He raised Jesus from the dead.
It is ALL Him, ALL Love, ALL Grace.
Who is like our God?
“We worship You, Almighty God,
There is none like You!” 

Copyright of all images and text belongs to Claire Gardner

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