Onwards and Upwards…

The coast path had plenty of ups and downs,
as coast paths mostly do,
and each ascent on our walk was slightly different in character;
open, shaded, grassy, rocky, flowery, bare….
but this one, the very first, seemed the best.
It held the promise of a good walk to come,
it displayed to us a path well walked and maintained,
it had good, even steps
and it was beautiful, framed in golden gorse.
So we gladly flexed our journey-stiff legs and began……..
We often think of life as one long walk;
ups and downs, stoppings and startings,
hard places, easy places, pleasant stretches, bleak passages.
We can so easily allow our earthly walk
to colour our perception of our spiritual journey;
to mark ourselves out of ten according to our feelings,
our achievements, our victories, our health, our circumstances.
If things are going well, we must be walking right with God, we say,
yet when we look back on our lives, it is often the difficult paths
that have drawn us closer, opened up Truth, broken down barriers.
What we don’t see clearly at the time
is the golden Glory of God surrounding us as we climb.
In the flesh, we equate upwards with difficult;
in fact our upward seasons can lead us into downward spirals
where we lose our way in the darkness of self.
But God equates upwards with drawing close to Him.
The Golden Way.
It is our life’s journey.
His Hand reaches down to guide us, to help us, to pull us through.
His Voice calls us onwards, His Word shows us how.
His Love fuels our faith, which keeps us reaching forward.
His Compassion takes us by the hand,
His Grace covers our stumbling.
For the upwards path is full of Promise
and our spiritual legs get stronger as we climb the Hill of the Lord,
trusting in His Righteousness, His Faithfulness, His Truth.
His Glory surrounds us, if only our eyes are attuned to its Presence.
So, let us keep walking, onwards and upwards
on the Eternity Path…….
One day, we shall look back and see it all lined with Gold. 

Copyright of all images and text belongs to Claire Gardner

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