This water has tumbled down a weir.
It has left the calm, dark deep of the pool above
and hurtled down a ridged slope,
gathering momentum and bubbles of air on its way,
and has arrived at the bottom,
a chuckling, bubbling, tumultuous mass of white foam
that swirls around until it gradually disperses into the river,
its waters freshly oxygenated, feeding life.
Falling water is a common scene in our land;
weirs, waterfalls and sluice gates
all give us that glimpse and sound of what happens
when water answers the downward call of gravity.
It is a common scene, and it calls people to watch.
We flock to waterfalls, famous or hidden,
we gather round the manmade weirs,
to see the transformation of heavy water
into joyful airiness and lightness.
It is as if we are drawn, whether we now it or not,
to an expression of what it means to be abandoned,
to lose control, to be part of something so exhilarating
that the only outcome is joy.
We visit, we enjoy, we talk about it,
yet we can easily return to our slow moving waters,
forgetting that in God, this Joy is ours to keep.
Is there anything so joyful as complete abandonment
to the Loving purposes of our Heavenly Father?
It may feel like a lot of going down, a lot of letting go,
but in that process, we become lighter and freer.
We gain so much more than we lose.
We join in the dance of the River of Life.
We are filled with Breath-filled bubbles as we tumble down.
We are transformed from our natural heavy state
into lightness and Lightness.
It doesn’t mean that life isn’t ever tough,
it doesn’t mean that we never spend time in the mill-pond.
It doesn’t mean that we feel frothy all the time.
What it does mean is that this River of Joyful Life sustains us
and carries us,
like an underground cataract.
The more we abandon ourselves to it,
rather than our circumstances,
the greater will be our Joy.
So, let us let go!
Let us truly let the Joy of the Lord be our strength,
our hope, our song.
The song of the waterfall,
that sweeps out into the flow of the River,
carrying Life.
His Life.
Out to the world.

Copyright of all images and text belongs to Claire Gardner

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