I spotted this leaf on a handrail beside some steps.
I loved its colour against the wood and metal, so I took the picture,
but afterwards I wondered what was holding the leaf
as there were no obvious spikes on the vertical surfaces,
no fencing to trap it.
So I peeled it away and came to the conclusion
that it was only water that held it there.
It was a soggy morning….the rail was damp, the leaf was damp,
and, in an instant as it fell,
the two surfaces had met and were bonded….
We too are Held,
against all the odds, in this precarious world;
Held by the invisible Hand of God,
Held by the Waters of Baptism and Eternal Life,
Held by Love.
We may feel like we’re in free-fall,
we may feel as if our certainties are being challenged,
we may feel that we are weary or anxious or struggling,
but actually, our true position is that
we are Held.
Held by invisible, unbreakable cords of Love.
“Nothing”, thunders Paul,
“Nothing can separate us from the Love of God.”
Yes, we know it’s true.
We can’t see it, but we know it.
We can’t hold it in our hands, but we have proof of it in our lives.
We can’t physically show it to others, but we have a testimony.
It is this unbreakable thing called Covenant.
Now, this leaf will fall when it dries out,
according to the natural laws,
but we are Held, regardless of outward circumstances.
God’s Covenant is irrevocable,
signed in Blood with all who believe in the Name of Jesus,
it endures through all the seasons of our lives;
the deserts, the monsoons, the mountains and the valleys.
It is bigger than our proud failures,
it is stronger than our doubts,
it is unmatchable, in human terms.
Yes, we are Held.
And in that Holding, we are FREE;
a seeming paradox, but true.
Yes, we can rejoice,
for we are held by the Grace of God.
For Eternity. 

Copyright of all images and text belongs to Claire Gardner

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