Entering In…

What is through this archway?
I do not know, because the way to it was temporarily closed off,
which made it even more intriguing……
So I had to be content with enjoying the simplicity of the arch,
its shadow and the cobbled floor, letting my curiosity lie down.
Curiosity is a God-given gift to mankind;
the desire to explore, to find things out, to break new ground.
Without it, society would still be living in the Stone Age!
But at its depths, it is the Call to seek God Himself;
Who is He? What is He? Where is He?
We may feel that we have a handle on this;
after all, we have met with Him, received His Gift of Salvation,
we have His Living Word in Jesus and the Holy Spirit’s Presence….
What more do we need?
But I came across these words the other day,
“Sometimes we are called to leave behind the familiar,
to enter into those unknown spaces and places where God IS.”
God is so huge, that we can never expect to fathom Him entirely,
but it is easy to just accept our limitations
and settle for our small familiar portion of Him, feeling comfortable
with our present state of relationship and revelation.
Sometimes, the Lord Himself shakes us out of our complacency
by leading us in unfamiliar waters,
where we are forced to discover Him in a new way.
But at other times it is a choice;
something we ask for, something we actively seek,
making changes to our circumstances, our habits, our preferences,
our spiritual landscapes.
Always, always, it begins with the Word, either Logos or Rhema,
it is Living and Active, it moves us on.
One phrase can set us on a journey of discovery,
a Whisper can call us forth,
a Scripture character can illuminate the shabbiness of our faith,
a Biblical event can open a door of possibilities,
a prophecy over us can bring new directions,
if we are reading with Spirit-opened, seeking eyes,
and listening with open ears and hearts
rather than ones dulled by familiarity.
Will we let the Word direct our path into new places?
Are we willing to enter in?
Are we hosting a holy curiosity?
“Taste and see that the Lord is Good.”
Raw God.

Copyright of all images and text belongs to Claire Gardner

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