We’ve just put up a new shed.
It was sorely needed as the old one was dangerously rotten!
But oh, the amount of stuff that was inside…..
you know, all the gubbins that finds its way to the garden shed,
however often you try to keep it tidy……
Well, it all came out and was put under a tarpaulin for a while
until the new shed was ready.
The day came, the shed came, the men came to put it up
and there we had it, a brand new space.
It was almost awesome in its emptiness,
posing those exciting but tricky questions;
what to put back,
where to place it,
what stuff really should go to the dump!
Well, we got there in the end and it is now satisfactorily filled.
A good job jobbed.
But this image of emptiness stayed with me.
How often we feel empty, when we really aren’t,
and how often we desire to be empty of all but Christ
but find ourselves woefully filled with junk.
Neither is comfortable,
both require repentance, a good sort out before the Lord,
but we are never truly empty
for He Himself lives within.
“Be filled!” is the cry of the New Testament;
Be filled with the Holy Spirit.
Be filled with the knowledge of God.
Be filled with joy.
Be filled “to the measure of all the fulness of God.”
Wow! That is BIG.
No, we are not empty,
but our infilling needs to be brought to mind daily,
with Praise and Thankfulness;
the Gift is pure Grace.
The more we receive it,
the more we allow the Spirit to spring-clean our hearts,
to sweep out the cobwebs, to clear away the junk,
stripping all away to make room for the One Thing.
Making us new and clean every day,
fitting us for all God’s Purposes.
Let us receive the Gift with joy,
empty of self, filled with Him.
For right there……
is freedom.

Copyright of all images and text belongs to Claire Gardner

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