It’s not nice, is it?
Dumped down a pretty lane
because someone was unwilling to take their rubbish
to the proper place and pay the proper fee.
Not only does it blight the lane,
but it causes work for those whose task it is to clear it up.
We frown and “Tut” as we go past;
we wouldn’t do a thing like that………
Or do we?
Not with actual rubbish
but with the unredeemed dross that surfaces in our lives.
Do we dump it on other people and spoil their day?
Do we let it out in inappropriate places,
causing awkwardness and misunderstanding?
Do we expect other people to clear up our mess?
It is often our nearest and dearest that bear the brunt
of our careless fly-tipping, which makes us feel worse.
But God says, “Come to me with your rubbish!”
It’s so simple, yet it isn’t always our first response.
Often, we behave badly before we realise what is at work within,
before we have understood what it is that is spilling out,
yet the remedy is always there before us:
The Cross.
That is the place for dumping rubbish!
Unlike the Corporation Dump, it costs nothing except our pride
to dispose of those ugly lumps that mar us.
We may need a companion to help us carry the load
or we may be confident to approach the Throne of Grace alone;
it matters not, so long as we actually go.
There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that is beyond Redemption.
It is our birth-right as sons of God
and it comes with no condemnation.
God does not put any limit on the amount we take to the Cross,
nor does He get annoyed by the number of times we come.
He receives us with open Arms,
Christ’s open Arms nailed to the Cross.
And the Power of His Blood is such that it clears up our mess
as if it has never been;
wiped out, wiped clean,
beautiful with His Beauty.
How blessed we are!
How amazing is Grace! 

Copyright of all images and text belongs to Claire Gardner

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