Look at these cheerful, humble daisies,
blooming defiantly in the gravel path!
It takes a lot to keep a good daisy down…..
we step on them and mow off their heads
but they still keep throwing up flowers;
“day’s eyes,” greeting each morning
by opening up their trusting faces.
Bloomin’ marvellous!
Yet we often disregard their simple beauty,
or seek to eradicate them from lawns and paths
because they are not where we think they should be.
And because they are not valued, out comes the weed-killer.
Bloomin’ shame!
“Just a weed,” we say,
until we put ourselves in their position,
or at least get down on our knees to look at them properly.
Have we been treated like weeds in our time?
Trodden down? Ignored? Seen as worthless?
Whilst all the time we had been doing our best to bloom well?
Or, even worse, have we treated others like that?
The quiet ones, the hidden ones, the marginalised ones,
the drifters, the sinners and the lost?
All trying to live their lives in the best way that they are able,
yet not being “seen,” not being valued,
blooming away in their hard place.
Jesus always had an eye for the daisy-people;
He Met them where they were,
He Called them out, He Spoke into their identity,
He Healed their bodies and hearts.
He didn’t pull them up by the roots and discard them,
rather He Transformed their lives right where they were,
so that they could thrive in His Strength.
Bloomin’ Wonderful!
“Be of good cheer!” He says to them and us.
“You are all Seen and Loved by the Father.
He Sees your heart, your pain, your struggles, your hard place.
He Sees your ordinariness, your limping and your perseverance.
He Sees your beauty that escapes the notice of passers by.
He Sees YOU.
Come, open up your faces unto your Maker,
believe, trust and rejoice.
For you are LOVED.”
Bloomin’ amazing! 

Copyright of all images and text belongs to Claire Gardner

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