We have Worship and Encounter evenings once a month to which everyone is welcome. These are generally held on the first Sunday of each month, but check the dates below .

Format of the Evening:

We have no agenda for these evenings other than to let the Holy Spirit have control of the meeting.  We generally start with a period of worship and let Him take us where He wants to.  The only guarantee is that it always seems to be different.

When and Where:

All the evenings are at our regular venue of Bedmond Village Hall.  They start at 6.00 pm and we aim to finish soon after 8.00 pm.

Dates for 2019:

  • 5th January 2020
  • 2nd February 2020
  • 1st March 2020
  • 5th April 2020
  • 3rd May 2020
  • 7th June 2019
  • 5th July 2019
  • 2nd August 2019
  • 6th September 2019
  • 4th October 2019
  • 1st November 2019
  • 6th December 2019