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I came across a piece of old farm machinery

which had the most fascinating colours in its corrosion.

I took quite a few photos, of which this is my favourite

because it looks like a map (and I like maps) ;

a map of oceans and continents and islands

with what appear to be golden clouds superimposed.

It looks nothing like a map of the world as we know it;

no recognisable countries and very odd colours,

but it came to me that the world as we know it

isn’t particularly recognisable at the moment!

Oh yes, the actual geography is the same

and Creation is faithfully, innocently

moving through the seasons,

flourishing in the lack of pollution and human interference.

But everything else seems to have lost

its map of “normal”.

Houses are fuller, towns are empty,

roads are almost traffic free,

shops are closed, economies struggling,

families are either squashed together or torn apart,

people either have no work

or are working beyond normal endurance…….

and we have no map!

There are no certainties marked out for us,

no routes or clever timed distances,

no boundaries other than the rules of lock down,

no shape to our future;

we have no map.

But, hang on, we have God!

At the turn of the year, over and over again

we heard the Word,

“Behold, I am doing a new thing!

Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?”

“Oh yes”, we said, “we are ready…….”

but did we think that it would look like THIS?

Probably not!

The enemy may have sent this plague,

but God knew it was coming.

He knew that the world would be rocked,

idols toppled, values questioned,

hearts opened up in confusion, suffering and grief.

He knew that something was being birthed

that would change us for ever.

He knew that His People would have to dig deep

and reach up high into the Heavens.

He knew that each believer’s home

would become a Lighthouse.

He knew that His Word would spring up in unlikely places.

He knew that amidst the confusion

a search for true Truth would shoot and blossom.

God knew. God knows.

God has the map.

What does He say to us?

“Trust in Me with all your heart,

and lean not on your own understanding!”

Our “map” is Him,

and our eyes are fixed upon His Face.

We will not get lost

and the “lost” will find their way Home.